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Which colors does Wetsleeve come in?

Wetsleeve comes in a matte black material, black 3D mesh lining, and a transparent and blue silicone mouthpiece. The black matte color looks great with everything and can be worn in any weather forecast. The insulated lining keeps the liquid inside nice and cool. The Wetsleeve also comes complete with a replaceable spare mouthpiece in green for free!


Which sizes does Wetsleeve come in?

Wetsleeve comes in Small, Medium and Large. The reservoir capacity is the same in all cases (12oz, or 350ml). We’ll email you a survey after the campaign so you can tell us your size and shipping details. Check the sizing chart in the description for more information.


Which sports are Wetsleeve suitable for?

Wetsleeve is perfect for pretty much any activity! It’s ideal for running, cycling, hiking, skateboarding, motorcycling, fitness, fishing; and thanks to the water resistant exterior, Wetsleeve is also perfect for paddleboarding, kitesurfing, windsurfing, free-diving and kayaking. Even outside of these athletic categories, Wetsleeve is the ideal hands-free hydration solution for outdoor festivals or ball games and is the ultimate travel gadget. Additionally, it’s the perfect new accessory for VR users and gamers.


Can Wetsleeve carry other liquids rather than water?

Sure! Apart from water, you can fill the hydration reservoir with your hydration drink of choice. As Wetsleeve is designed as a hydration tool with cool liquids in mind, we don’t recommend filling the reservoir with hot liquids. If being used for liquids other than water, we recommend cleaning the reservoir as soon as you’re done using it, to prevent buildup and ensure your Wetsleeve reservoir stays fresh.


How do I adjust Wetsleeve to fit my arm?

It’s easy! First, pick the size that’s right for you. Thanks to the adjustable dual velcro strap, you can customize the fits according to your form and preference.


Can Wetsleeve be worn on either arm?

Absolutely! Wetsleeve was designed to be worn on either arm – There is no right or left hand designation. And if you want 24oz (700ml) of hydration, buy two and wear them on both arms!


What if I want to drink something really cold in my Wetsleeve?

Not a problem. For an extra cool drink, you can put ice in the hydration reservoir if you like, or simply put the filled reservoir in the fridge.


How do I use my Wetsleeve?

Before using, rinse the inside of the reservoir well (2-3 times) with cold water.

1. Fill the reservoir with water or your favorite sports drink, up to the max fill line. Add ice to keep liquid contents colder if desired.

2. Firmly seal the lock strip. Then fold and secure the velcro closure.

3. Place the reservoir into the sleeve pocket. Velcro enclosure side of reservoir should be placed in first, by putting the bite valve up through the circle hole. Then tuck the bottom side of the reservoir into the pocket. Then zipit up.

4. Place sleeve onto your forearm.Adjust the positioning if necessary, pulling the bite valve inward toward your body so thewrist-to-mouth movement feels smooth and comfortable.

5. Secure the sleeve in place with the adjustable wraparound strap.


How do I clean my Wetsleeve?

Cleaning Wetsleeve is easy. To clean the fabric exterior, you can just throw it in the washing machine. We recommend a coldwash cycle, or you can also hand wash it with lukewarm water using a mild detergent. Make sure to secure the velcro against the strap beforehand. Allow sleeve to air dry.

To clean the hydration reservoir, simply remove it from the fabric exterior, and fill it with warm water and a small amount of washing up liquid, then rinse thoroughly. A small cleaning brush can be used to clean the inside of the reservoir.


What are the maximum recommended depths while diving with Wetsleeve?

We recommend using Wetsleeve within depths not more than 20 feet beneath the surface. We were not able to perform any tests beneath that depth.


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